Monday, June 26, 2017

Temple Trip

We had an amazing ward temple trip a few weeks ago.  Its the first one our ward has done since we've lived here and I thought it went really well.  First we got together for a group picture.
Then we kind of split up.  Bob and I went inside while other adults watched the kids.  They spent most of the time in the church building next door, but they also took the kids on a small tour around the temple grounds.  I'm so grateful for that because Calista needs to eat so often I can't leave her very long.
When Bob and I came back they had started in on lunch.  We all ate burgers and different lunch type foods in the gym in the church building.  Throughout the whole thing families were visiting the new discovery center.  Once we finished eating we went to check it out.

Right when we walked in everyone got their own tablets.  The kids were in heaven.
It was pretty cool how they have it set up.  You log into family search on your tablet, then walk around to the different stations.  You doc your tablet at a station and it pulls up all your info.

Some stations pull up your family history while others teach you about your name.  There were stations where you can record a video of yourself that you will get sent to you in like 10 years.  One of our kids favorites was a station where they took their picture and then dressed up their picture in pioneer type clothes.
They had a little hunt thing the kids were doing.  

They whole thing was pretty cool.
Once we finished their we took the kids back to the temple for more pictures.

After we finished there we went to the nearby park.
We also stopped at DQ.  The kids were pretty excited about that!  The whole day went really well, I hope our ward does it every year.

Friday, June 23, 2017

She Smiles

Calista has been really smiley lately so we took some pictures.

I love this happy girl!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day

I am truly blessed to have lots of amazing fathers in my life.  First a great dad who was quiet and always willing to play with us growing up.  Then an amazing father-in-law who helped raise an awesome son.  And now the perfect husband who is the best dad to my children I could ever ask for.

We headed down to my parents house to celebrate the day before, giving us more time to spend with family and especially the kids cousins.  We even went on a short hike where I took this video of Bob and Calista:

One reason I think Bob is a great dad is because nothing is too hard for him.  There are lots of things that I'll back away from, like going grocery shopping with the kids, but Bob has no problem getting out there and doing what needs to be done.

Sunday morning we got up early to make my dad breakfast in bed.  It is something we used to do as kids and I thought it was fun to surprise him this year too.

Once we finished that I woke my kids up to make Bob breakfast in bed.  They love doing this!

Later after church we had a big lunch and just hung out at my parents for a while.  My sister made this delicious brownie cake.
We even had a chocolate fountain.
Below is a picture of my dad with Calista, his newest grandchild.  I think she is their 23rd or 24th.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last Day of School

Monday was Penelope and Scarlett's last day of school.  Tucker officially ended school last week.  Wohoo I'm so happy it is summer!  I'm pretty sure everyone in my family was really excited for school to end.  The kids had a great year, I'm just ready for a schedule break.
I wanted to get some pictures of their last walk to school... kind of.  We actually are planning on walking to the school a lot this summer to use their playground/library/free lunches.  But this felt different.  We usually drove to school in the mornings but it was nice out so I wanted to walk them on their last day.  I always walk to pick them up after school, rain or shine.
Over all it is a pretty nice break to get out of the house every day and get some fresh air.  I wanted to get a picture of my walking buddies.  Tucker usually comes too.
The girls both really liked their teacher.  Scarlett had Mrs. Chinnock, who was a lot of fun.  Scarlett said she was going to miss her.
Penelope had Mrs. Sherry who she really liked.  Mrs. Sherry was a little more strict but I could tell she cared a lot about her class.  She is actually going to China to teach a bilingual class for the next two years.
I'm grateful for all the school teachers!  That has got to be one hard job!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

School Fun

The end of the school year has been lots of fun for the kids.  Penelope's first grade class went on an all day field trip to the Seattle Art Museum.  I even had to drop her off at school and hour early and pick her up two hours after school regularly gets out.  She said she had sooo much fun.  I could tell that she was worn out.

They also had a whole week of dress up days.  The first picture is of job day.  Both girls just picked something they wanted to dress up as and made it clear to me that they probably don't actually want to be that when they grow up.  Penelope is a dancer and Scarlett a teacher.
Hawaiian day was fun.  Penelope first wanted to wear a grass skirt too but she changed her mind.
I was excited for twin day because they get asked constantly if they are twins anyway.
And lastly crazy hair day.  Penelope did not want to participate.

On crazy hair day Scarlett's class went on a field trip to the park.  The boys and I decided to meet her class there and hang out with them for a bit.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Watch What I'm Wearing

Happy Sunday!  I didn't take outfit pictures last week so here are two of the top posts from the link up.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Kids Day Plus...

We rushed and got ready for school one morning so I could take the kids to get donuts.  What? It's crazy you say to try to get five kids ready including a newborn in only a half an hour so you can get donuts. That should just tell you how serious we are about donuts at our house.
Calista and I spend a lot of time laying on my bed.  Well, actually me laying on the bed and her laying on me.  She seems to think people are the only adequate beds.
While Boys were still camping I took the kids to fire safety day at the fairgrounds.  They had a blast walking around to all the booths and getting random papers, useless toys, and the occasional candy.
The CPR booth was pretty good.  One day I'm going to take their class at the fire station.  I was certified back in school but I'd like a refresher course.
I didn't get  a picture but the highlight was of this juggler.
He was entertaining, but the best part was when he first jumped on his pogo stick and accidentally went right through the stage floor.

This last picture is of Tucker playing floor hockey.  He loved it and scored the winning goal for his team!  Good job Tucker.